This page on The Parchment will house all of my projects, including the ones that I am currently working on with expected completion dates.


Westminster Shorter CatechismFull audio of all 107 questions and answers of the Shorter Catechism. COMPLETED

Westminster Standards in a Month — This project is based on a daily reading plan that I created (modified from the Morton Smith Harmony of the Westminster Standards). You can access the reading plan here and the full audio here. COMPLETED

Westminster Larger CatechismFull audio of all 196 questions and answers of the Larger Catechism. COMPLETED

The Children’s CatechismFull audio of all 145 questions. Download a PDF booklet of the Children’s Catechism (print in booklet format). COMPLETED

The Westminster Confession of Faith. Expected completion date: Feb 28, 2023


  • Book: Devotional Through the Westminster Standards. TBD.
  • The Bible Knowledge Project: Each week, I write a short article on a chapter of the Old Testament (Tuesday) and one from the New Testament (Friday). The goal of this project is to help equip God’s people with a better knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.
  • The Daily Prayer — I write a daily prayer and offer some Scriptural passages to read. Currently, I am praying through the Psalms.
  • Meditation from Proverbs — each day I write a short devotional on a selected Proverb. 


The following links will take you to the entire playlist of The Morning Devotionals:
Season One: Psalm 119
Season Two: The Sermon on the Mount
Season Three: Topics in Proverbs
Season Four: The Westminster Shorter Catechism
Season Five: A Journey Through Genesis
Season Six: A Journey Through Exodus
Season Seven: A Journey Through Joshua
Season Eight: The Westminster Confession of Faith (starts Jan. 9, 2023)


Social Media – a series of lectures on the topic of social media. Details will be released soon. [In progress]

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