Old Testament Chapter Summaries

The following is a list of the Old Testament chapter summaries for 2024.
Three chapters a day. 
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Summaries by book:
Genesis | Exodus | Leviticus | Numbers | Deuteronomy

Jan. 1:  #OT2024
Gen. 1 : God creates the heavens and the earth; God creates man in his image; God provides food for the man.
Gen. 2: The seventh day is declared holy; a detailed account of the creation of man; God forbids man from eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; God institutes marriage.
Gen. 3: The fall into sin; the protoevangelium; the curse of the fall into sin; God removes Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and guards the way to the Tree of Life.
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Jan 2: #OT2024
Gen. 4: Adam and Eve have two sons, Cain and Abel; Cain murders Abel, and God judges him; Adam and Eve have another son, Seth.
Gen. 5: The covenant line of Seth is highlighted in this lengthy genealogy.
Gen. 6: The corruption of mankind increases due to sin; God determines to destroy every living creature; Noah finds favor with the Lord and establishes his covenant with him, promising to spare him and his family from the coming judgment (the flood).
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Jan. 3: #OT2024
Gen. 7: The flood narrative continues with specific instructions from God to Noah regarding the animals and the ark; the rain begins and continues for forty days and forty nights; The LORD shuts Noah into the ark; the waters prevailed on the earth for 150 days.
Gen. 8: The flood subsides; Noah sends out a raven that does not return; Noah sends out a dove which returns. He sends it out again and it returns with an olive leaf. He sends the dove out one nmore time and it does not return; Everyone leacves the ark.
Gen. 9: The creation mandate (be fruitful and multiply is given to Noah; restrictions regarding food is loosened to include meat; the death penalty is instituted; God establishes his covenant with Noah and gives the sign of that covenant: the rainbow; Canaan is cursed for his sin.
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Jan. 4: #OT2024
Gen. 10: This chapter is known as the “Table of Nations” which detail the line of Noah .
Gen. 11: The Tower of Babel; mankind desires to reach God and make a great name for themselves; the people are dispersed and their language confused; the chapter closes with a list of the descendents of Shem and the gnerations of Terah (the father of Abram).
Gen. 12: The calling of Abram and the establishment of the Abrahamic covenant; Abram takes Sarai to be his wife; the first visit to Egypt where Sarai lies for Abram.
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Jan. 5: #OT2024
Gen. 13: Abram and Lot agree to separate; The Lord promises the land to Abram.
Gen. 14: Abram rescues Lot; Abram is blessed by Melchizedek (King of Salem)
Gen. 15: God expands the covenant made with Abram; the prophecy of the 400 years in Egypt is made; God places Abram in a deep sleep and renews the covenant with him.
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Jan. 6: #OT2024
Gen. 16: Sarai, Abram’s wife, gives Hagar to Abram to secure offspring; The angel of the Lord appears to Hagar; Hagar bears a son and names him Ishmael.
Gen. 17: The covenant with Abram is expanded with the sign of the covenant: circumcision; The birth of Isaac is promised
Gen. 18: The promise of a son is established by the visitors; Abram intercedes for Sodom after hearing about the planned destruction of Sodom.
Jan. 7:  #OT2024
Gen. 19: The threat of the destruction of Sodom is Imminent; God graciously recuses Lot and his family, but his wife is turned into a pillar of salt.
Gen. 20: The second event of Abraham’s journey to Egypt where His wife lies (again) for him.
Gen. 21: The birth of Isaac, as promised, occurs; God protects the child of Hagar (Ishmael).
Jan. 8: #OT2024
Gen. 22: God commands Isaac to take his only son (Isaac) and sacrifice him on Mt. Moriah; Abram obeys, trusting the Lord for his provision; God provides a substitute for Isaac.
Gen. 23: Sarah dies and is buried in the cave of Machpelah. Gen. 24: Abraham instructs his servant to seek a wife for his son, Isaac; The servant obeys and finds Rebekah to be the wife of Isaac.  #Gen22 #Gen23 #Gen24 #OT #OT2024

Jan. 9:
Gen. 25: Abraham has many more children; Abraham dies and is buried with his wife, Sarah. The narrative of Jacob and Esau begins with Esau selling his birthright to Jacob.
Gen. 26: God establishes the same covenant with Isaac that he did with his father, Abraham; Isaac commits the same sin as his father by having his wife lie for him.

Gen. 27: Isaac and Esau compete for the blessing of their father, Isaac; Jacob, aided by his mother, tricks Isaac into giving him the first-born blessing; Esau is relegated to serve his brother; Esau hates Jacob and threatens to kill him; Jacob flees to the home of his uncle, Laban. #Gen25 #Gen26 #Gen27 #OT #OT2024

Jan. 10: #OT2024
Gen. 28: Jacob flees to Paddan-Aram, to Laban, his uncle; Jacob has a dream and sees angels ascending and descending on a ladder; God speaks to Jacob in the dream.
Gen. 29: Jacob labors for seven years for Rachel; Laban tricks Jacob and gives Leah to him instead; Jacob vows to labor seven more years for Rachel because he loved Rachel more than Leah; Leah gives birth to Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah.
Gen. 30: Bilhah, Rachel’s servant, gives birth to Dan, Naphtali; Leah’s servant, Zilpah, gives birth to Gad, Asher; Leah gives birth to Issachar, Zebulun, and a daughter, Dinah; Rachel gives birth to Joseph; God blesses Jacob.
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Jan. 11:
Gen. 31: Jacob flees from Laban and determines to go home; Laban pursues Jacob and his family; Jacob and Laban make a covenant with one another.
Gen. 32: Jacob faces the threat of his brother, Esau; Jacob wrestles with God all night; God changes Jacob’s name to Israel.
Gen. 33: Jacob and Esau are reunited; Jacob returns safely to Succoth in Canaan.
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Jan. 12: #OT2024
Gen. 34: The defiling of Dinah by Shechem; The revenge exacted on his people for his actions.;Jacob reacts strongly against his sons.
Gen. 35: God appears to Jacob and blesses him; Rachel and Isaac die.
Gen. 36: The descendants of Esau (who is the father of Edom).
Jan. 13: #OT2024
Gen. 37: The dreams of Joseph about his father and brothers; Joseph is sent to his brothers; Joseph is thrown into a pit and sold to a caravan headed to Egypt.
Gen. 38: The events of Judah and Tamar
Gen. 39: Joseph in Potiphar’s house; Potiphar’s wife entices Joseph to sin against the Lord, but he flees her presence; Potiphar puts Joseph in prison, but the Lord is with Joseph.
Jan 14: #OT2024
Gen. 40: Joseph interprets the dreams of the chief baker and chief cupbearer; The chief baker will die while the chief baker will be restored; Joseph is forgotten in prison.
Gen. 41: Joseph is forgotten in prison for two more years; Pharaoh has two dreams, and Joseph is summoned before him; Joseph interprets the dreams – seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine; Joseph rises to power as the second in command of Egypt.
Gen. 42: Because of the famine, Joseph’s brothers are sent to Egypt; Joseph deliberately hides his true identity from them; Joseph instructs his brothers to return to Canaan and bring back his younger brother; Joseph secretly returns the money the brothers brought to Egypt to purchase grain; the brothers return to Canaan and report the events to their father, Jacob.
Jan. 15: #OT2024
Gen. 43: Joseph’s brothers return to Egypt; Benjamin returns with them, though his father is skeptical; Benjamin is treated with favor by Joseph.
Gen. 44: Joseph continues to veil his true identity, testing his brothers; Judah pleads for the sake of the family.
Gen. 45: Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers; Joseph instructs the family to move to Egypt, where he will provide for them. The brothers return home and communicate to Jacob that Joseph is still alive.
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Jan. 16: #OT2024
Gen. 46: After Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers, he brings them safely to Egypt; the list of individuals that come from Canaan to Egypt.
Gen. 47: The family of Jacob settles in Goshen; the famine is severe; Jacob demands to be buried in the Promised Land and not in Egypt.
Gen. 48: Jacob blesses the two sons of Joseph: Ephraim and Manasseh, blessing the younger over the older.
Jan. 17: #OT2024
Gen. 49: Jacob blesses his sons, the twelve tribes; Jacob dies and is buried in the field at Machpelah in the land of Canaan.
Gen. 50: Joseph asks permission to go bury his father; Joseph’s brothers worry that he will take retribution now that Jacob is dead; God meant all that happened to Joseph for good though his brothers meant it for evil. #Gen49 #Gen50 #OT #OT2024
Jan. 18: #OT2024
Ex. 1: A king in Egypt who does not know Joseph rises to power and oppresses God’s people; The Hebrew midwives refuse to obey the edict of the king; Pharaoh commands that all sons born to the Hebrews should be killed in the Nile.
Ex. 2: Moses is born and is rescued from the threat of the king of Egypt; Moses flees to Midian after he kills the Egyptian; God sees his people and knows their suffering.
Ex. 3: Moses observes a bush that does not burn while he is out tending to his father-in-law’s flock; Moses went to Horeb, the mountain of God, and heard the voice of God speaking from the burning bush that is not consumed; God reveals himself to Moses as the I AM; God promises to deliver his people from the land of Egypt.
Jan.19: #OT2024
Ex. 4: Moses is given two signs: the leprous hand and the staff; Moses makes excuses, and God provides Aaron as a spokesperson; The life of Moses is threatened because he failed to circumcise his son; Moses returns to Egypt
Ex. 5: Moses and Aaron approach Pharaoh for the first time; Pharaoh further burdens the people by telling them to make bricks without straw; the people complain to Moses about the burdens inflicted on them.
Ex. 6: God renews his promise to deliver the people; the genealogy of Moses and Aaron.
Jan. 20: #OT2024
Ex. 7: Moses and Aaron return to Pharaoh; The staff of Aaron becomes a serpent; Pharoah’s magicians do the same, but Aaron’s serpent swallows their serpents; the first plague (sign) of water turns to blood.
Ex. 8: Moses and Aaron return to Pharoah, and the plague of frogs is unleashed on the land; Pharoah appears to relent, but he then stiffens his neck. God sends a third plague on the land: Gnats; a fourth plague follows: flies.
Ex. 9: The fifth plague: the Egyptian livestock perish; the sixth plague: boils cover man and beast; The events plague: hail falls across the land.
Jan. 21: #OT2024
Ex.10: The eighth plague (locusts); the ninth plague (darkness)
Ex.11: The threat of a final and severe plague is given
Ex.12: The instructions regarding the Passover are given; the tenth plague (the death of the firstborn); the exodus occurs, and the people of God flee Egypt.
Jan. 22: #OT2024
Ex. 13: The firstborn are consecrated to the Lord; the feast of Unleavened Bread.
Ex. 14: Israel is rescued from the armies of Pharaoh when God brings them safely across the Red Sea; God destroys the armies of Pharaoh.
Ex. 15: The Song of Moses; the people of God sing praise to God because of the Exodus and rescue from Pharaoh; the bitter water is made sweet.
Jan. 23: #OT2024
Ex. 16: God provides the bread from heaven (manna); God gives instructions to the people about the manna; the people sin by disobeying God regarding the manna and the Sabbath Day.
Ex. 17: The people of God are provided water from the rock when Moses strikes it; The Amalekites attacked Israel, and God delivered them from their hands.
Ex. 18: Jethro, Moses’s father-in-law, gives him advice.
Jan. 24: #OT2024
Ex. 19: The people of God arrive at Mt. Sinai; Moses goes up the mountain to receive instructions from Jehovah; The people of God promise to obey Jehovah.
Ex. 20: The Ten Commandments are given to Moses; Laws regarding altars.
Ex. 21: Various, sundry laws are given, including those about slaves and parents and various laws about restoring possessions to others.
Jan. 25: #OT2024
Ex. 22: Various laws about restitution; various laws regarding social justice.
Ex. 23: Laws regarding the Sabbath and festivals in the nation; Feast of Unleavened Bread; Feast of Harvest; Feast of Ingathering; The promise given regarding the conquest of Canaan
Ex. 24: The Lord calls Moses into his presence; the covenant is renewed; the glory cloud covers Moses for forty days and forty nights.
Jan. 26: #OT2024
Ex. 25: The Lord commands the people to give for the purpose of building the tabernacle; The instructions regarding the ark of the covenant, the table of showbread, and the golden lampstand.
Ex. 26: The instructions regarding the Tabernacle.
Ex. 27: The instructions regarding the bronze altar, the courtyard that surrounds the tabernacle proper; the instructions regarding the oil for the lamp that is before the veil.
Jan. 27: #OT2024
Ex. 28: The instructions regarding the garment worn by the priests;
Ex. 29: The priests are consecrated and set apart by the Lord for their service at the Tabernacle.
Ex. 30: The instructions regarding the altar of incense, the bronze basin, and the anointing oil and incense; Moses is given instructions regarding the census tax.
Jan. 28: #OT2024
Ex. 31: The Lord gives skilled men to build the Tabernacle and the items in it; The 4th commandment is repeated.
Ex. 32: The people of God profane themselves by worshiping a Golden Calf; Moses rebukes the people; God sends a plague on the people for their sins.
Ex. 33: God commands Moses to leave Sinai and threatens to abandon the people because of their rebellion; Moses intercedes for the people before God, and he relents; Moses desires to see the glory of God and is allowed to see his “backside.”
Jan. 29: #OT2024
Ex. 34: Moses makes two new tablets of stone because he broke the first set; The covenant is renewed, and the Feat of Unleavened Bread is restated; The mandates of the 4th commandment are restated; Moses descends from the mountain of God, and the people are afraid because his face shone.
Ex. 35: The Sabbath is restated; contributions for the Tabernacle are received; The construction of the Tabernacle begins.
Ex. 36: The construction of the Tabernacle continues
Jan. 30: #OT2024
Ex. 37: The construction fo the ark of the covenant, the table of showbread, and lampstand, and the altar of incense.
Ex. 38: The construction of the Altar, the bronze basin, and the court that surrounds the Tabernacle proper; a catalog of the material used for the building of the Tabernacle.
Jan. 31: #OT2024
Ex. 39: The making of the priestly garments.
Ex. 40: The completion of the building of the Tabernacle; The Tabernacle is set up for the first time; The glory of the LORD covers the Tabernacle.
Feb. 1: #OT2024
Lev. 1: The LORD speaks to Moses from the Tabernacle; Instructions regarding the burnt offering.
Lev. 2: Instructions regarding the grain offering;
Lev. 3: Instructions regarding the peace offerings.
Feb. 2: #OT2024
Lev. 4: The laws regarding the sin offerings;
Lev. 5: Various instructions regarding the guilt offerings.
Lev. 6: Various instructions regarding the priests and offerings.
Feb. 3: #OT2024
Lev. 7: The instructions regarding the priests and the offerings continue.
Lev. 8: Aaron and his sons are set apart for the work at the Tabernacle.
Lev. 9: Aaron offers a sin offering and burnt offering, and the Lord accepts it; Aaron blesses the people, and the fire of the Lord consumes the burnt offering.
Feb. 4: #OT2024
Lev. 10: Nadab and Abihu offer strange fire before the Lord and are killed; Aaron is told to not mourn the death of his sons.
Lev. 11: The people of God are given various dietary laws; clean and unclean animals.
Lev. 12: Specific instructions regarding purification after childbirth.
Feb. 5: #OT2024
Lev. 13: Various laws and instructions regarding leprosy.
Lev. 14: Various laws and instructions regarding the cleaning of those who contract leprosy.
Lev. 15: Various other laws regarding bodily fluids and discharges.
Feb. 6: #OT2024
Lev. 16: Instructions regarding the Day of Atonement.
Lev. 17: Rules regarding the death of animals outside the camp and the requirement to bring it for a sacrifice at the Tabernacle; Regulations regarding the eating of blood.
Lev. 18: Laws regarding unlawful sexual relations.
Feb. 7: #OT2024
Lev. 19: The holiness of the Lord; The command to love your neighbor; The command to keep all the statues of the Lord.
Lev. 20: Warnings and punishments about child sacrifice and sexual immorality; The repeated refrain that the Lord is holy.
Lev. 21: The need for the priests to be holy as the Lord is holy.
Feb. 8: #OT2024
Lev. 22: Various instructions and laws about priests (continue); laws regarding offerings.
Lev. 23: The list of feasts: Sabbath, Passover, Firstfruits Weeks, Trumpets, Day of Atonement.
Lev. 24: Various laws regarding the lamps of the lampstand, the bread for the table of showbread, blasphemy condemned, and the death penalty.
Feb. 9: #OT2024
Lev. 25: The Sabbath year and the year of Jubilee; laws regarding property and the poor.
Lev. 26: Obedience brings blessing; disobedience brings cursing and punishment.
Lev. 27: Various laws regarding vows.
Feb. 10: #OT2024
Num. 1: A census is taken of all those 20 years of age and upward; The Levites are exempted from the census.
Num. 2: The instructions regarding the arrangement of the camp surrounding the Tabernacle are given.
Num. 3: The genealogy of Aaron, specifically his sons; The duties of the Levites are given; The dedication of the firstborn among the Levites.
Feb. 11: #OT2024
Num. 4: The work of the Levitical families is highlighted.
Num. 5: The rules governing unclean people, confession and restitution, and tests for adultery.
Num. 6: The Nazarites and the Nazarite vow; The Aaronic Benediction.
#Num4 #Num5 #Num6 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 12: #OT2024
Num. 7: The offerings made at the dedication of the Tabernacle.
Num. 8: Instructions regarding the seven lamps; The command to cleanse the Levities.
Num. 9: The Passover is observed; The glory cloud of the Lord covers the Tabernacle on the day it is set.
#Num7 #Num8 #Num9 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 13: #OT2024
Num. 10: The two silver trumpets are made to summon the people; Israel leaves Sinai for the first time since Ex. 19.
Num. 11: The people of God complain about their misfortunes; Moses appoints elders to help him; The Quail is given, and a plague is sent for the grumbling of the people.
Num. 12: Miriam, the sister of Moses, and Aaron oppose Moses; Miriam is struck with leprosy by God.
#Num10 #Num11 #Num12 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 14: #OT2024
Num. 13: The spies (1 from each tribe) are sent into the Promised Land. The report of the spies is given to Joshua; ten spies lack faith, but two (Joshua and Caleb) trust the Lord.
Num. 14: The people are swayed by the bad report of the ten spies; the people threaten to stone Joshua and Caleb; Moses intercedes for the people; God responds with severe judgment; the people try to take the land without the Lord’s help and suffer defeat.
Num. 15: Various laws about sacrifices, unintentional sins, and the sabbath (a sabbath breaker is killed).
#Num13 #Num14 #Num15 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 15: #OT2024
Num. 16: The rebellion of Korah;
Num. 17: The budding of Aaron’s staff.
Num. 18: The various duties assigned to the priests and Levities.

#Num17 #Num18 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 16: #OT2024
Num. 19: Various purification laws.
Num. 20: Miriam, the sister of Moses, dies; the disobedience of Moses when he strikes the rock; the resistance of Edom when Israel desires to pass through their land; and the death of Aaron.
Num. 21: The bronze serpent; the defeat of two kings, Sihon and Og.
#Num19 #Num20 #Num21 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 17: #OT2024
Num. 22: Balak and Balaam; Balaam’s donkey and the angel of the Lord.
Num. 23: The two oracles of Balaam.
Num. 24: The third and fourth oracle of Balaam.
#Num22 #Num23 #Nium24 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 18: #OT2024
Num. 25: The disaster of Baal worship at Peor; The response by Phineas, the priest, to the corruption of the people.
Num. 26: The census of the new generation of the people of God.
Num. 27: The successor to Moses is named.

#Num26 #Num27 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 19: #OT2024
Num. 28: Various offerings: daily, Sabbath, monthly, Passover, and the feast of weeks.
Num. 29: More offerings are listed: Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Booths.
Num. 30: Vows of men and women.
Feb. 20: #OT2024
Num. 31: The instruction to avenge the people of God on the Midianites.
Num. 32: The settling of Gad and Reuben (Trans-Jordan tribes).
Num. 33: Review of the history of the journey of the people; the command to drive out the inhabitants of the Promised Land.
Feb. 21: #OT2024
Num. 34: The boundaries of the land and the tribal chiefs.
Num. 35: The cities of refuge.
Num. 36: the marriage of heirs.
Feb. 22: #OT2024
Deut. 1: The people of God are commanded to leave Horeb; the journey was 11 days distance; Moses speaks to them in the 40th year; Moses recounts their history, beginning with the leaders he appoints and the rebellion of the 1st generation.
Deut. 2: Moses recounts the wilderness years (40 years) and the defeat of the King of Sihon.
Deut. 3: Moses recounts the defeat of the king of Og; Moses tells the 2nd generation of the people of God how and why he will not enter the Promised Land.

#Deut1 #Deut2 #Deut3 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 23: #OT2024
Deut. 4: Obedience is commanded; idolatry is forbidden.
Deut. 5: The Ten Commandments
Deut 6: The Shema of Israel; The greatest commandment.
#Deut4 #Deut5 #Deut6 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 24: #OT2024
Deut. 7: Moses encourages the people by telling them that they are a chosen people of God.
Deut. 8: Moses exhorts the people to remember their God who rescued them.
Deut. 9: Moses reminds the people that they are not special to God due to their righteousness; Moses retells the events of the golden calf.
#Deut7 #Deut8 #Deut9 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 25: #OT2024
Deut. 10: Moses recounts the events surrounding the new tables containing the Ten Commandments.
Deut. 11: Moses exhorts the people to love the Lord their God and faithfully serve him.
Deut. 12: Moses discusses matters related to worship.
#Deut10 #Deut11 #Deut12 #OT #OT2024
Feb. 26: #OT2024
Deut. 13: Matters relating to prophets and dreamers.
Deut. 14: Matters relating to clean and unclean foods, tithes
Deut. 15: The sabbatical year.
#Deut13 #Deut14 #Deut15 #OT #OT2024
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