Daily Roundup for May 1, 2017

Daily Roundup for May 1, 2017

  Here are the items and resources of interest for May 1, 2017:


  • Five Mistakes Small Churches Are Likely to Make — from Christianity Today.
  • Children at the Lord’s Supper? — This is a useful article gleaned from Bavinck.
  • Some people refuse to be encouraged.  I have met some that have that problem.  You try and try, and try to encourage them and they simply refuse to accept it, graciously. This article Refusing to Be Encouraged is helpful on that subject.  
  • Should we preach like the Puritans?  Dr. Joel Beeke says NO and he also says YES.  Read them in order, starting with NO.
  • Starting with this edition of the Daily Roundup I will be offering Kindle Deals (probably not every day, but often). Today’s Kindle deal is about a subject that is vitally important: hospitality
  • Can’t We Please Talk About Something Else?! — One woman’s perspective on the subject that is getting much attention in the PCA.