My name is William F. Hill, Jr. I am currently the pastor of Landis Presbyterian Church in Marion NC. I graduated from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in May 2016. 

I am married to Gwen — my wife and best friend.  We were married on April 9, 1998.  We have three children: Danielle (married and living in China), Jennifer (running her own business in VA), and Bryan (residing in VA). 

My parents are currently enjoying retirement in the Sunshine State, and my wife’s mother is living in New York with her husband, and her father is residing in New Jersey. 

Our siblings are living all over the country, from NY, NJ, and FL. 


I was raised in a Christian home as the oldest of two children.  My upbringing was baptistic, and our family attended an independent Baptist church for most of my childhood. I made a profession of faith at the age of eight but spent most of the next 12 years disproving that profession.  Due to my religious upbringing I never heard of the doctrines of grace, Calvinism, or Reformed and Presbyterian teaching. The Lord brought me to an understanding of the Reformed faith when I was 21 years of age, and I have been drinking deeply from that well ever since. 

I met my wife when I was 19 — she was a small town girl, and I was the rebellious city-bred hard head. The Lord used our meeting and eventual marriage to bring me back to Him. 


I enjoy playing the game of chess as well as a round of golf when I can find the time. I also enjoy watching Major League Baseball always rooting for the New York Yankees. 

I am also an avid reader and am trying to expand my reading beyond religious subjects.


You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Path and Linkedin

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