I enjoy writing. I did not enjoy it as much while in seminary probably because I was told what to write.  Now that I am in the ministry I find that there are things I would like to dive into more, and they are usually topics that are related to my current charge, the congregation, and the life of the church I pastor. None of these articles will be “scholarly.” I doubt you will see them promoted across the internet or published in a journal. They will be, Lord willing, useful to some and helpful to me as I think through some of these matters. Therefore, I have put together some of my topics that I would like to devote to print over the next few months. They are as follows:


  • Pastoring a Small Church — In my opinion, small church pastors are waging war against the kingdom of Satan in a unique way. These pastors are often overworked, understaffed, underbudgeted and, sometimes attacked on various levels. Usually, they have a small (and, Lord willing, faithful) session.  The struggles are often tremendous and invisible. I hope to explore some of these matters in this article. 
  • The Need for Experimental Preaching — in my brief experience I am convinced that most in the church do not genuinely understand why Paul tells Timothy to “preach the Word.” What is preaching? Why do we do it? What is the end goal of preaching? These questions, as well as others, are things I would like to answer in this article. 


  • Church Discipline — in my experience, congregations do not understand the process of church discipline or the need for it in the life of the church. It seems to be a subject that is grossly misunderstood. Why do we do it? What is the biblical basis for it? What is the goal? These and other questions are items that I would like to answer in this article. 
  • Lessons Learned in Ministry — This will be more of a personal article derived from my own experience. The failures (there are many) and successes along with the lessons learned in each will be developed in this article. 


  • Church Membership — This topic is misunderstood by many.  This article will establish the biblical basis for church membership and answer questions related to its necessity, value and ultimate good for the life of the church. 
  • The Issue of the Second Commandment — Many in the church today fail to understand the second commandment, in my opinion.  Many who seek ordination are granted exceptions to the Westminster Standards on this very point. In this article, I would like to examine the theological and practical outworkings of this commandment and demonstrate its value in the life of the church. 
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