Some of my readers may wonder why I call my blog, “The Parchment.” The title of it came from Paul’s instructions to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4 when he tells him to bring the books and, above all the parchments. 

13 When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the book and above all the parchments. (2 Tim. 4:13, ESV)

According to one definition, a parchment is “a writing material made from specially prepared untanned skins of animals—primarily sheep, calves, and goats. It has been used as a writing medium for over two millennia. Vellum is a finer quality parchment made from the skins of young animals such as lambs and young calves.” (Source:

While a digital tool is not a piece of parchment, it does communicate the purpose of a blog — to write. 

Now you know why it is called “The Parchment.” it is not spectacular, but it does explain it. 

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