Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

Trusting something or someone can be a difficult and threatening act. We usually trust those we know and who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. Yet, there is always a risk because we are fallible people. We want people to trust us, yet there will be times when we will fail because we are not perfect. Though we may not desire to let others down, we sometimes do. Our best intentions do not change the fact that we are fallible. Others are as well. Yet, Solomon points us to something beyond our fallible disposition. A few observations on these well-known verses:

First, the object of our trust is the infallible Triune God. Solomon tells us to trust in the name of the Lord. Unlike those he made, the Lord is trustworthy because he can never fail. He is not like us. He will never fail to keep all his promises. The Lord has made many promises to his redeemed people. We can trust him because he is trustworthy. Yes, it is true that we often have trust issues, even with the Lord. But if we reflect throughout our lives, we will note how often he has kept what he said he would do — and he will never stop doing it. The object of our trust is the Lord God, who made heaven and earth.

Second, the method of our trust is with our entire being. Solomon says to trust the Lord with all our hearts. With every fiber of our being, we are to trust the name of the Lord. Unlike everything else in this world, we can place one hundred percent of our hope and confidence — our trust – in the God who holds all things in his hands.

Third, the fallacy of our understanding of things is presented. Solomon tells us not to lean on our trust in our understanding of things. We are finite beings with minimal understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. Yet, there is One who has those things to an infinite level. The God of heaven has a perfect understanding of all events and circumstances. He is infinitely wise in all that he does. His knowledge is not measurable. Therefore, we must seek the wisdom that comes from him as given to us in his divinely offered Word. To avoid trusting in our understanding of matters, we must seek the perfect wisdom of God.

Fourth, we must pray for those things that are before us. Because we cannot trust our limited understanding of things and do not know what the future holds, we must pray for God’s help and wisdom as we pilgrim this earthly home. Sadly, we often run headlong into matters without bathing them in prayer.

Fifth, as we trust the God of heaven and present our needs and circumstances to him, he has promised to take us where we need to go. Yes, he leads us on the journey and guarantees that we will ultimately arrive at our heavenly rest. Though we often fail to trust him, he will use those failures to bring us safely to the place and station he desires. Still, we must trust, and we must pray. Our infinitely wise and good God will do all he has promised.

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