The Morning Devotional for March 15, 2023
The Westminster Confession of Faith 8.4 (Part One)

IV. This office the Lord Jesus did most willingly undertake,a which, that he might discharge, he was made under the law,b and did perfectly fulfill it;c endured most grievous torments immediately in his soul,d and most painful sufferings in his body;e was crucified, and died;fwas buried, and remained under the power of death, yet saw no corruption.g On the third day he arose from the dead,h with the same body in which he suffered;i with which also he ascended into heaven, and there sitteth at the right hand of his Father,j making intercession;kand shall return to judge men and angels at the end of the world.l

a. Psa 40:7-8 with Heb 10:5-10John 10:18Phil 2:8. • b. Gal 4:4. • c. Mat 3:155:17. • d. Mat 26:37-3827:46Luke 22:44. • e. Matthew 26-27 throughout. • f. Phil 2:8. • g. Acts 2:23-242713:37Rom 6:9. • h. 1 Cor 15:3-4. • i. John 20:2527. • j. Mark 16:19. • k. Rom 8:34Heb 7:259:24. • l. Mat 13:40-42Acts 1:1110:42Rom 14:9-102 Pet 2:4Jude 1:6.


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