NOTE: I am Sharing this item that I wrote on the Pastor’s Corner on the Landis Presbyterian Church website.

I remain convinced that the subject of family worship has fallen on hard times these days, especially when we live “hurry up” lifestyles. I suspect that fathers (or heads of households) desire to conduct this valuable time with their families, but either feels ill-equipped or lacks time to prepare adequately.

Therefore, to assist, I will be writing a family worship manual.  

This manual will be divided into two sections:

SECTION ONE:  “The Preaching of God’s Word.”  This section will cover the two sermons preached at Landis Presbyterian Church each Lord’s Day.
SECTION TWO: “The Reading of God’s Word.”  This section will take the family through the entire New Testament.

 Each section will include the following:

A prayer.
A suggested hymn to sing.
Discussion questions related to the chapter or sermon.

The “Family Worship Manual” will be posted each week, beginning Monday, May 1, 2017. It will be available on the Pastor’s Corner and in PDF format on the Landis Presbyterian website here

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