“The church is sick, and doesn’t know it” – Joseph A. Pipa Jr., president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

From the trailer video: “When we think about worshipping God, we ask all the wrong questions. What do I like? Or what would non-Christians like? Or what does my Church like? Spirit & Truth seeks to answer the central question that we’re so often missing: How does God want to be worshiped?”

We live in a day and age when the churchgoers dictate and determine how God is to be worshiped. That is not biblical. I remain convinced that one of the reasons for the spiritual lethargy of our day is due to this incessant consumer-driven idea of worship. God is the only one who determines how we are to worship Him. The idea of an entertainment-driven, narcissistic concept of worship is idolatry. Worship is not about the creature, it is about the Creator. It is about God alone.

View the trailer:

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