Daily Prayer for February 19, 2020

Daily Prayer for February 19, 2020

Prayer: Our most holy and blessed God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we bow before you today to praise you and to commune with you. We come to you to pray and plead with you as our Father, who stands ready and able to help us. We thank you that you are good and gracious and that you have called us by name and that we belong to you. We are comforted by your Word that tells us that you will never leave us or forsake us. Your promises strengthen us as we reflect on the fact that you will be with us in all that we face in our lives. 

Though you are indeed our God, it is also true that we fail you, and fall short of your glory. We desire to be as holy as is possible for sinners. We long to be completely obedient in thought, word, and deed. Too often, we turn to the left and the right and forget your ways. Forgive us, Father, and grant us a willing mind and heart to do all that you have commanded. 

We pray for our friends and family who do not know you. We ask that you would open their eyes to the truth of the Gospel. We pray for our brothers and sisters in various parts of the world we are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake. We ask that you would defend them and sustain them. We pray for our brothers in sisters in our church who suffer from physical pain that you would relieve them and use it to sanctify them in your truth. We pray for those who mourn, that you would comfort them. We pray these things in Christs’ Name. Amen. 

Scripture meditation: Isa. 43; Rom. 3:23; Matt. 5:1-12; 2 Cor. 1

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