The following is a partial list of my planned reading for 2024: 

1 Institutes of the Christian Religion (Calvin)
2 Works of Own, Vol 1
3 Works of Owen Vol. 2
4 Works of Owen, Vol 3
5 Christ and the Consummation (Robertson)
6 Reformed Systematic Theology, Vol 1 (Beeke)
7 Reformed Systematic Theology, Vol 2 (Beeke)
8 Reformed Systematic Theology, Vol. 3 (Beeke)
9 Calvin’s Company of Pastors (Manetsch)
10 The Triune God (Sanders)
11 Holy Trinity (Letham)
12 The Christ of the Prophets (Robertson)
13 The Defense of the Faith (Van Til)
14 Biblical Theology (Vos)
15 Public Worship 101 (Prutow)
16 In the Fullness of Time (Gaffin)
17 Preaching Made Practical (Robertson)
18 Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord (Morales)
19 God’s Unfaithful Wife (Ortlund)
20 Princeton and the Christian Ministry 1 (Garretson)
21 Princeton and the Christian Ministry 2 (Garretson)
22 Serving with Calvin (Johnson)
23 Some Pastors and Teachers (Ferguson)
24 The Excellencies of God (Johnson)
25 Calvin: For a New Reformation (Thomas, ed.)
26 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power (Vol. 1) (Needham
27 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power (Vol. 2) (Needham)
28 Ministering Like the Master (Olyott)
29 A Little Book on the Christian Life (Calvin)
30 Warning to the Churches (Ryle)

Puritan Paperbacks:

1 The Fear of God (Reeves)
2 Indwelling Sin in Believers (Owen)
3 A Guide ot Heaven (Alleine)
4 Justification Vinicated (Traill)
5 The True Bounds of Christian Freedom (Bolton)
6 The Christian’s Great Interest (Guthrie)
7 Learning in Christ’s School (Venning)
8 Christian Love (Binning)
9 The Lord’s Supper (Watson)
10 The Secret Key to Heaven (Brooks)
11 All Loves Excelling (Bunyan)
12 Duties of Christian Fellowship (Owen)
13 The Sinfulness of Sin (Venning)
14 Heaven on Earth (Brooks)
15 Prayer (Bunyan)
16 The Mystery of Providence (Flavel)
17 The Godly Man’s Picture (Watson)
18 The Work of the Holy Spirit (Winslow)
19 A Lifting Up of the Downcast (Bridge)
20 All Things for Good (Watson)
21 Christ Set Forth (Goodwin)
22 The Heart of Christ (Goodwin)
23 The Love of Christ (Sibbes)
24 An Ark for All God’s Noah’s (Brooks)

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