This week I am on a much-needed break from ministerial life, enjoying a week with my wife and youngest daughter in Pagosa Springs, CO. This small town is in the area of the Rocky Mountains, and the views are breathtaking. One of the things that this town is known for is the hot springs scattered around the San Juan River that runs through town. There is what is known as “The Mother Spring” in the center of town that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The spring is very deep, yet no one knows how deep. They have attempted measurements, but the instruments melt, not allowing any accurate record. There are warnings all around it to not enter, yet some people try, and some have died as a result. 

The weather is amazingly different from what I am used to experiencing. It changes from minute to minute. One minute the sun is shining, the next, the clouds accumulate, and it begins to snow. The town is at an elevation of about 7100 feet, with the Rockies visible in every direction. The beauty of God’s creation is wonderful to behold, and the display of his glory is truly unmistakable. Sadly, so many see the same things yet never give glory to the One who made it all for us to enjoy. 

I am thankful for the time away from the normal routine of ministry. I was more tired than I realized and am settling into this calm, peaceful week. Though my heart is never far from the people I pastor, I am grateful they afford me time away to recharge my batteries and enjoy the time with family. 

I am posting pictures on Instagram if my readers are interested. You can follow me there (@re4med).  I will try to write more about this week later. 

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