Yesterday, I was alerted by the shepherding committee of Western Carolina Presbytery of their approval of the call of Fellowship Presbyterian Church to me to be their next pastor. Western Carolina Presbytery grants power of commission to the shepherding committee for calls that remain within the bounds of the presbytery. Since I already hold my ordination in this presbytery and since Fellowship is a member church of the presbytery it falls to them to approve or deny said calls. Yesterday they approved it. One more box checked off as we prepare to move. 

My wife and I took a drive to Newport TN to look at a house that was available for rent.  It is a beautiful two bedroom home with 2.5 bathrooms and a loft (I have already claimed it for my home study).  The living room has a fireplace (gas logs) and is spacious with hardwood floors throughout. The home looks out over a river and has an enclosed back porch.  The detached garage has been converted into a living area complete with a bathroom (man cave!?).  It is probably the best home we have rented over the years. Our plans are to rent for a year (or less, depending on if we can secure a house to buy in the area). I failed to take pictures as I was too busy conducting important business with the owner. The home is spacious and will allow for hospitality — something that my wife and I enjoy doing as often as we are able. Another box checked off.

We praise God for His provision.  The providence of God never ceases to amaze me. He is for His people and always works to supply all of their needs. 

Tomorrow, Lord willing, the congregation of Landis will approve the motion of the session to dissolve my pastoral relationship with them, effective July 31. It is a sad time for them (and us), as their future is very uncertain. However, they are God’s people, and He will care for them.  I will always cherish the memories of this church and the privilege I was given to shepherd them. 

Our immediate plans include the dreaded packing, renting a truck, loading our worldly possessions into it (and throwing away stuff we do not need).  We also have to pack my study at the church.  All of this before July 31. We also need to contact the utilities in the Newport area and get everything lined up.  Please pray for sustaining grace. 

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