One of my goals this year is to read through the Gospels as many times as possible. To accomplish that goal, I use the ESV Readers Bible, Vol 5 (The Gospels and Acts) along with my audio Bible, set to be read at 2x speed. I know that sounds pretty fast, but it is still slower than my eyes can read across the page. Now that I have been through the Gospels a few times, I am turning my attention to making brief notes about each chapter. For example:


The book of the genealogy

The birth of Christ


The visit of the wise men to Herod and then to home of Mary and Joseph

The flight to Egypt due to the threat of Herod

The wickedness of Herod who murdered all male children under two-years of age

The return of Christ to the home of Joseph in Nazareth.

As you can see, there is nothing profound in these notes. They are quick notes on each chapter designed to make ready reference of the Gospel record. 
Therefore, starting April 29, 2021, I will begin in the Gospel of Matthew. These brief notes will be posted here (under the “Bible Reading Notes” on the home page) and on Twitter. I hope they prove useful to my own soul and edify others. 

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