Prayer: Grant, almighty God, that since our life is only for a moment – nay, is only vanity and smoke – that we may learn to cast all our care upon Thee, and so depend upon Thee as not to doubt Thee as our deliverer from all urgent perils, whenever it shall be to our advantage. grant us also to lean to neglect and despite our lives, especially for the testimony of Thy glory; and may we be prepared to depart as soon as Thou callest us from this world. May the hope of eternal life be so fixed in our hearts that we may willingly leave this world and aspire with all our mind toward that blessed eternity Thou hast testified to be laid up for us in heaven, through the gospel, and which Thine only begotten Son has procured for us through His blood. Amen.

Scripture Meditation: Dan. 3:19-25

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