Prayer: We pray, O heavenly Father, for all princes and lords, your servants, to whom you have entrusted the administration of your justice. May it please you to impart to them your Spirit, who alone is good and truly sovereign, and daily increase them the same, that with true faith they may acknowledge Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, to be the King of kings and Lord of lords, as you have given him all power in heaven and earth. May they seek to serve him and to exalt his kingdom in their government, ruling their subjects, who are the work of your hands and the sheep of your pasture, in accordance with your good pleasure. So all of us both here and throughout the earth, being kept in perfect peace, may serve you in all holiness and virtue, and, being delivered from the fear of our enemies, may give praise to you all the days of our life. Amen.
(John Calvin: Writings on Pastoral Piety, 127)

Scripture Meditation: Rom. 13:1-7

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