Prayer: Grant, Almighty God, that as you have been pleased to adopt us once for all as your people for this end, that we might be engrafted, as it were, into the body of your Son, and so be made conformable to our head, O grant that through our whole life we may strive to seal in our hearts the faith of election. 
May we be the more stimulated to render you true obedience, that your glory may also be known through us; and those others also whom you have chosen together with us may we labour to bring with us, that we may with one accord celebrate you as the author of our salvation. 
May we so ascribe to you the glory of your goodness, that having cast away and renounced all confidence in our own virtue, we may be led to Christ only as the fountain of your election, in whom also is set before us the certainty of our salvation through your gospel, until we shall at length be gathered with him into that eternal glory which he has procured for us by his own blood. Amen.

Scripture Mediation: Eph. 1:1-14; 4:1-3; 5:1-2

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