A Priesthood

Grant, Almighty God,
    since Thou hast deigned to take us as a priesthood to Thyself and hast chosen us when we were not only of the lowest condition, but even profane and      alien to all holiness, and hast consecrated us to Thyself by Thy Holy Spirit,
    that we may offer ourselves as holy victims to Thee.
O grant that we may bear in mind our office and our calling,
   and sincerely devote ourselves to Thy service,
   and so present to Thee our efforts and our labors
   that Thy name may be truly glorified in us, and
   that it may really appear that we have been engrafted into the body of Thine only begotten son.
And as He is the chief and the only true and perpetual priest,
   may we become partakers of that 
   priesthood with which Thou hast been pleased
   to honor Him, so that He may take us as 
   associates to Himself;
   and may thus Thy name be perpetually glorified
   by the whole body as well as by the Head. Amen.

[Lifting Up our Hearts: 150 Selected Prayers of John Calvin]

Scripture Meditation: Malachi 2:6-9

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