Grant, Almighty God.
   though we are here disquieted in the midst of so many tossings,
   that we may yet learn with tranquil minds to recumb on Thy grace and promise, by which Thou testifiest that Thou wilt be ever near us, and not wait, 
  until by a strong hand Thou drawest us to Thyself, but that we may be, on the contrary, ever attentive to Thy providence.
May we know that our life not only depends on a thread, but also vanishes, like the smoke, unless Thou protectest it, so that we may recumb wholly on        Thy power.
And may we also, while in a cheerful and quiet state, so call on Thee that, relying on Thy protection,
  we may live in safety, and at the same time be careful, lest torpor, which draws away our minds and thoughts from meditating on the divine life, should        creep over us.
But may we, on the contrary, so earnestly seek Thee, morning and evening, and at all times, that we may through life advance toward the mark Thou hast set before us, until we at length reach the heavenly kingdom, which Christ Thy Son has obtained for us by His own blood. 
[Lifting Up our Hearts: 150 Selected Prayers of John Calvin]

Scripture Meditation: Jonah 1:4-7

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