Prayer: Grant, Almighty God, that as Thou invites us daily with so much kindness and love and makes known to us Thy paternal goodwill, which Thou didst once show to us in Christ Thy Son — O grant that, being allured by Thy goodness, we may surrender ourselves wholly to Thee, and become so teachable and submissive that wherever Thou guidest us by Thy Spirit, Thou mayest follow us with every blessing. 

Let us not, in the meantime, be deaf to Thy warnings; and whenever we deviate from the right way, grant that we may immediately awake when Thou warnest us, and return to the right path, and deign Thou also to embrace us and reconcile us to Thyself through Christ our Lord. Amen.
(From Lifting Up our Hearts: 150 Selected prayers of John Calvin)

Scripture Meditation: Joel 2:1-11

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