Prayer: Grant, Almighty God, though we daily depart from Thee by our sins, that we may not yet be wholly removed from the foundation on which our salvation depends. But do Thou so sustain us, or even raise us up when fallen, that we may ever continue in our degree and also return to Thee in true repentance. And whatever may happen to us, may we learn ever to look to Thee, that we may never despair of Thy goodness, which Thou hast promised to be firm and perpetual, and that especially while relying on Thine only begotten Son our Mediator, we may be able to call on Thee as our father, until we shall at length come to that eternal inheritance, which has been obtained for us by the blood of Thine only Son. Amen.
(Lifting Up our Hearts: 150 Selected Prayers of John Calvin)

Scripture Meditation: Zechariah 8:1-8

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