Prayer: God has set all things for our good and our salvation; in our very selves we feel his power and grace, his great, unnumbered benefits, freely conferred upon us. What else can we then do but stir ourselves to trust, invoke, to praise and love him? For all God’s handiwork is made for us. Even in the six days he shows his Father’s care for his child as yet unborn. Away, ingratitude, forgetfulness of him! Away with craven fear he may fail us in our need! For he has seen to it that nothing will be lacking to our welfare. Whenever we call on God, Creator of heaven and earth, we must be mindful that all he gives us is in his hand. Our every trust and hope we hang on him alone. Whatever we desire, we are to ask of him and thankfully receive each benefit that falls to us. Let us strive to love and serve him with all our hearts. 
(‘Hymn to Creation’ adapted from the Institutes by Ford Lewis Battle, The Piety of John Calvin, 169-170)

Scripture Mediation: Ps. 19

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