Prayer: Grant, Almighty God,
that as almost the whole world give such loose reins to their licentiousness,
that they hesitate not either to despise or regard as of no value Thy sacred Word. Grant, O Lord, that we may always retain such reverence as is justly due to it and to Thy holy oracles,
and be so moved whenever Thou deignest to address us that, being truly humbled, we may be raised up by faith to heaven and by hope gradually attain that glory that is as yet hid from us.

And may we at the same time so submissively restrain ourselves as to make it our whole wisdom to obey Thee and to do Thy service, until Thou gatherest us into Thy kingdom, where we shall be partakers of Thy glory, through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Scripture Meditation: Joel 1:1-4

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