Prayer: Grant, Almighty, God, since we have so many testimonies to Thy glory daily before our eyes, though we seem so blind as to shut out all the light by our ingratitude — 
Grant, I pray, that we may at length learn to open our eyes; yea, do Thou open them by Thy Spirit.
May we reflect on the number, magnitude, and importance of Thy benefits toward us; and while Thou dost set before us the proof of Thy eternal divinity, grant that we may become proficient in this school of piety. 
May we learn to ascribe to Thee the praise of all virtues, till nothing remains but to extol Thee alone. 
And the more Thou deignest to declare Thyself liberal toward us, may we the more ardently desire to worship Thee.
May we devote ourselves to Thee without reserving the slightest self-praise, but caring for this only: that Thy glory may remain and shine forth throughout all the world through Christ our Lord. Amen.
(Lifting Up our Hearts: 150 Selected Prayers of John Calvin)

Scripture Meditation: Dan. 2:20-23

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