Exodus 1 — The people of God are located in Egypt under a Pharaoh that did not know Joseph. 
Exodus 3 — Moses is called by YHWH at the burning bush and commissioned to lead the people out of Egypt.
Exodus 7-11 — The nine plagues/signs of YHWH. 
Exodus 12 — The institution of the Passover and the tenth plague/sign.
Exodus 14— The crossing of the Red Sea
Exodus 15 — The Song of Moses
Exodus 16-17 — The giving of manna and water. 
Exodus 20 – The giving of the moral Law of God at Mt. Sinai.
Exodus 25-31 — Instructions regarding the Tabernacle and the priesthood.
Exodus 32 – The Golden Calf.
Exodus 40 — The Tabernacle is erected.

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