The following is a list of book I am currently reading that I will be reviewing here on The Parchment. My intention is to write a chapter by chapter review as I am reading. 

My usual practice is to always have a Puritan book in my rotation of morning reading. I typically limit my reading to 15-30 min for each book scheduled. I will write a chapter by the chapter review as I finish each one. 

The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes — This is the edition published by the Banner of Truth. In the meantime, you can read this review written by Nick Roark.

From the publisher:


Richard Sibbes (1577-1635), one of the most influential figures in the Puritan movement during the earlier years of the seventeenth century, was renowned for the rich quality of his ministry. The Bruised Reed shows why he was known among his contemporaries as ‘the sweet dropper’.

The Bruised Reed is now issued for the first time in a smaller format in the Puritan Paperbacks series. Some of the language and punctuation have been modernized to make the work more accessible.

Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle — This edition published by the Banner of Truth


As with all Ryle’s works, Practical Religion is clear, concise and penetrating. It was designed to be a companion to his other books, Old Paths, Knots Untied and Holiness, providing guidance on how the Christian believer is to live. In Ryle’s own words, it ‘treats of the daily duties, dangers, experience, and privileges of all who profess and call themselves true Christians.’

Far from advocating a works-based religion, these papers are all about how a Christian can practically respond to the grace that has been freely given to him in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ryle was a great enemy of hypocritical and nominal religion, or ‘churchianity’ as he called it. These articles remain a great plea for a real, heartfelt devotion to the Lord in love and service, founded on the great doctrines of Scripture.
No Christian who reads any one of these papers will be left unaffected. ‘Believer in Christ, remember this! Whatever you do in religion, do it well. Be real. Be thorough. Be honest. Be true.’


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