Here are the items and resources of interest for October 11, 2019:

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  • For those of you who are searching for the best task list, there are many options available. The Microsoft version has just received an update. In case you are wondering, I am using Todoist. Google tasks also received an update. Next week I will be writing a review of Todoist. 
  • I have been experimenting with “mind-mapping” and Lifehacker has given a list of the best tools in this area for 2019. 
  • Charging our devices is a way of life. This cable will charge your iPhone from 0-80 percent in under an hour. Read more here.
  • Honey – I have been using this browser extension for quite some time. It will save you money when you make purchases on the internet by scanning for discount codes that you probably do not know exits. It will convert your savings into “honey gold” that you can redeem for gift cards to popular stores, including Walmart and Amazon. You should use it. I now have enough honey gold to get over $50 in gift cards at Amazon. PRICE: Free. Risk: None. Benefit: You save money wherever you shop online. It is silly not to try it. 
  • Phone battle: The Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs. the OnePlus 7T Pro.

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