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Here are the items and resources of interest for October 10, 2017:


  • I am a pastor. Most of you know that. My wife is, therefore, a pastor’s wife and she gets credit for finding this “open letter” as a way to encourage her often weary husband. Written by Mike McKinley
  • A friend on Facebook shared this lecture series.  The topic is often neglected and needs to be often revisited. Lectures by Dr. Nick Willborn
  • I love church history, and I am usually reading at least one book on the subject. This article will give you some motivation as to the reasons you should be reading it as well. Written by Psyche Ives
  • The church I pastor is now on SermonAudio for those interested in my sermons. In a few days, they will also be available here on The Parchment
  • Preaching and PrayingMark Johnston is helpful on this subject as it pertains to Gospel progress. 


  • I use Google Photos exclusively. In my opinion, it is the best way to store your photos because it does not tie up space on your phone.  Once the photo is uploaded to the server, you can safely dump it from your device. PC Mag has 25 tricks and tips for you to use if you are using it. 
  • I am not a fan of anything Apple.  Most of my friends know that already. Therefore, I encourage you to switch to Android. Here is how
  • Which one is better? Netflix or Hulu? PC Mag helps you decide.




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