Here are the items and resources of interest for November 4, 2019:

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  • You can listen to Psalter music from Crown and Covenant on Pandora
  • You are encouraged to listen to this podcast episode featuring Rosaria Butterfield.

    In this podcast interview, non-SBC speaker Rosaria Butterfield explains, “Gay Christianity is a different religion. I’m not standing in the same forest with Greg Johnson and Wes Hill and Nate Collins looking at different angles of the trees, I’m in a different forest altogether.” 

  • What is man’s greatest problem? Self. Listen to this sermon by Dr. M.L. Jones from Eph. 6:10-13
  • Ten Things the Woman Married to Your Pastor Wants You to Know — a good article written by Shari Thomas
  • I love Jesus, but not the church — if this is your position, or if you are one that thinks that you do not need the local church, you need to read this article written by Grayson Gilbert



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