Here are the items and resources of interest for November 11, 2019:

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  • The following is from a public Facebook post written by Lori Sealy, the wife if a minister and friend, Phillip Sealy who is currently battling cancer. Read the post and then watch the video about the church plant in Mississippi, Hope Presbyterian Church. Please pray for this family and all concerned.

Two days after we drove home from MD Anderson for the start of Phillip’s clinical trial, the dynamic husband and wife film crew duo of James Murray Rodger and Claire Hutchinson Rodger came to our house to talk about planting a new church while battling stage 4 metastatic melanoma. We were exhausted, but eager to share some of our story of hope amidst things that are hard. For those of you who’ve never met Phillip, this 6 minute video will give you a taste of the incredible man I’m married to – as well as giving you a glimpse at the heart of what Hope Presbyterian Church Ocean Springs longs to be about.

A lot has happened in the 2 months since this was filmed. Phillip has had some serious struggles with treatment. The first worship service for Hope had to be postponed as he’s fought to recover. But, the core group that is gathering here on the coast of Mississippi … well … they have stood firm in this storm. They’re just an amazingly special group of people who are serious about learning to do life together in an authentic, God-honoring, grace exhibiting, redemptive way. They are loving us and one another well in this trial; and while I still don’t delight in this cancerous course, I’m deeply encouraged as I see God using it to sew Christlike compassion and care, into the very DNA of this new congregation.

If you’re longing for hope on the Mississippi Coast, we’re a simple church holding forth the substantial hope of Jesus … and we’d love to have you join us in the journey!




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