Here are the items and resources for May 8, 2017:


In the very midst of life’s deepest pains and most gut-wrenching losses, God loves to give a strange and wonderful gift. We cry out for healing, or relief, or some pressing change in our circumstances. Sometimes God answers those cries. But even more often, he gives us something more supernatural: praise.


  • Some of you may have noticed an ODD bug when updating Chrome. If not, you may not have updated lately.  You can check for an update by going to the settings window (the three dots in the top right) and then “about.”  If it says that you are up-to-date everything is working as it should.  However, if it says “relaunch to finish updating,” click the button and when Chrome comes back, you may see it again (and again, and again depending on how many times you click it).  To fix this problem, read this article (ignoring the version numbers as the solution is the same). 
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