Here are the items and resources of interest for June 26, 2017:


  • Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary has a new website.
  • The extension campus of GPTS has a podcast.  This episode features the subject of corporate prayer meetings with guest Dr. Ryan McGraw.
  • How to Read Your Bible — produced by the Reformed Forum
  • Why I Voted Against the Women’s Study Committee Report — agree or not, this is an interesting article written by one of the voting members of the ad interim study committee. Additionally, this article gives a brief wrap-up on the 45th PCA GA.
  • Perhaps the highest and loftiest acts a Christian can have toward God are worship and prayer. These two acts are uniquely vertical – they are the only things a believer does that are directly toward God and that directly bring him or her into relationship and communion with God. The one exception is the reading of Scripture, but that is a means to bring us to worship and prayer. All other aspects of the Christian life are horizontal – they are outward toward others. Worship and prayer are uniquely God-centred. They deal with God alone and bring us to him relationally. — Read the full article by Mark Tomlinson here.


  • Windows 10 Insider Preview is jam packed with new features
  • I use OneNote on a daily basis as I think it is easily the best note-taking app out there. This article regarding internal links is helpful.  If you are a serious user of OneNote or want to learn more, you should visit this website
  • Many of you use Logos Bible Software.  These training videos are helpful and needed.  You might want to check out a new feature called Logos Cloud
  • I left Facebook two weeks ago and have not regretted it.  However, I am still an avid user of Twitter. One of the least used features of Twitter is the ability to make lists. This article and this article discuss it in detail.  I will be writing a full article on this feature soon. 


  • Taking Notes on Books — There are many articles available on the subject of “taking notes” while reading books. I am curious about the methods my readers use to accomplish it. Please write your system in the comments section.  Lord willing, I will be providing some articles on this subject in the days ahead, as well as one of my own. 
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