Here are the items and resources of interest for July 5, 2017:


  • Columns from TableTalk Magazine — From the July 2017 edition. 
  • The Other Ten-Second Rule — From the article:

    Over the years, I’ve talked with many men and women who have been involved in affairs. One of the most salutary things is to realize that with many of them, they didn’t intend to be unfaithful to their partners. They sometimes blurt out, “It just happened.” They will normally go on to talk about some innocent event in which they were involved (often a genuine desire to help the other person in some way), and then go on to say, “It suddenly got out of hand.”

  • The subject of loneliness is discussed on the Mortification of Spin podcast.
  • Another podcast: Why Church Members Attend Less Frequently — from Thom Rainer
  • And yet, another podcast on the subject of Deacons — from the Reformed Forum.


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