Here are the items and resources of interest for July 4, 2017:


  • Nick Napier, a friend, and graduate of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary writes a helpful and though provoking article. 

    What is wrong with this? Why is it wrong to “hearken back” to when things were simpler and outwardly more “noble?” Why is it wrong to fantasize that you were born in/live in medieval or Victorian or Edwardian Eras? (For whatever reason, these seem to be the two of which I see most Christian pining.) What is wrong with longing for a bonnet and suspended trousers? Well, there are several reasons Christians should not romanticize time periods or particular cultures:

  • New books you should know — a list compiled by The Gospel Coalition



  • It is the 4th of July so this article should be of interest to someone. 
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