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Here are the items and resources of interest for July 24, 2017:



  • For you Samsung users: one of the nice apps that I have discovered is Samsung Sidesync.  This app, combined with the PC or MAC version will allow you to access your phone right from your laptop or desktop. It is a simple setup, but if you need help there is a video you can watch.  You can drag and drop files from PC to your device (and vice-versa).  You can also send text messages directy from your laptop or desktop as well.  In short, whatever you can do with your phone you can also do on the PC or MAC as it is connected to your phone. The app:  Android
  • A REMINDER about MileIQ, an app I use every day to track my miles used for ministerial purposes. It works automatically. No need to write down miles (or remember to do so). You can use it for all business travel and classify each drive accordingly. Get it for Android or iOS.
  • When I was in seminary it seemed that the idea of a standing desk was a big deal.  This article by CNET tells you about five things to consider before making that move. 
  • Now you can use a wallet to charge your phone. I doubt that this will catch on. 


  • Jordan Spieth wins the British open — he is my favorite professional golfer, not only for the way he plays the game but also because of his character on and off the course. 


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