Here are the items and resources of interest for July 14, 2017:


  • Helpful advice and counsel for the first year of pastoring a church. Written by Phil Newton.  Additionally, you may want to check out this podcast which discusses the “ten most frequent questions pastors have.”  Thom Rainer is the host. The following are the questions:

    Where do I begin to lead my church toward revitalization? What do I do about our aging church facilities? How do I handle church financial issues? How do I handle conflict and personnel issues? What is the best leadership structure for a church? What are the best practical ministry tools? How do I establish a vision for my church? How do I deal with power struggles in the church? How do I lead change in the worship services? Can I survive?



  • In a few short weeks, my wife and I will be moving to Newport, Tennessee.  Our reason for moving is detailed in this post
  • I do not take selfies. I know many do and that is okay. However, if you are not careful it may be costly. Watch this video of the woman who destroyed $200,000 worth of art over a selfie. You can also read the CNET article here

The Daily Roundup is published Mon-Fri. See you next week!


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