Here are the items and resources of interest for January 31, 2018:


  • Four Reasons to Sing When Your Soul is Troubled — I have noticed a change in disposition and attitude when I sing. This article is helpful. Written by Jordan Standridge.
  • I suspect many Christians pray the Lord’s Prayer in worship each week.  MY question: Do they know what they are saying or are they just going through the motions. Al Mohler offers help in this area
  • Everyone has struggled with the exact meaning of “turning the other cheek.” What does that mean? Does it mean we need to allow others to walk all over us? This article helps answer the question. Written by Chris Nye.
  • EDITORIAL: This article (and others) are getting a ton of attention on social media. A Ruling Elder in a PCA church in the Houston area is running for governor.  The problem centers on the apparent contradiction between his political views and his ecclesiastical vows. 
  • Take a look at The Christian Daily Reporter.
  • In my opinion, this is the best conference of the year. I pencil it into my calendar every year and enjoy it each time. The preaching, fellowship, and schedule that does not have me feeling like I got hit by a train are some of the reasons I enjoy it. If you are a Ruling or Teaching Elder, I strongly encourage you to attend. You will not be disappointed
  • Good advice is offered to pastors from Dr. Ben Shaw, professor of Old Testament at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.





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