Here are the items and resources of interest for January 19, 2018:

NEW FEATURE: Each weekday I will be asking a simple question related to theology or technology.  Feel free to post an answer in the comments section (Facebook or the site itself). There will also be an article or two related to the question. 

Today’s Question: Do you think children should be examined by the elders before coming to the Lord’s Table? Why? Defend your answer. 






  • I strongly recommend two-factor authenticationThis article will tell you how
  • The iOS slowdown will be fixed with the next iOS update
  • Technology Tip: NOTE: Each Friday I will offer some “tech tips” on various topics.  This week: Using Pocket.  Pocket is a great tool to have around.  There are many good articles on the internet, and the big challenge is what to do with all of this information. My practice is to use Pocket whenever I find something worth keeping. Pocket is free (there is also a premium version).  Once you sign up, you can begin collecting articles, etc. As you save them, I suggest you tag them so you can find them later. 


** The Daily Roundup is published Monday-Friday at 9 AM ET.  See you next week! **
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