Here are the items and resources of interest for January 17, 2018:


  • I have been blessed by the ministry of Alistair Begg and the Truth for Life program. Specifically, the series “The Pastor’s Study” has been one that has greatly encouraged me.  There are seven volumes in this series. I often listen to these sermons while on my morning and afternoon walk. I commend them to you. You can also get the mobile app for your phone here.
  • On the note of other podcasts, here is a short list of some that I commend to you: The Briefing (Mohler), Christ the Center (Reformed Forum); Confessing Our Hope (Greenville Seminary); Mortification of Spin (Normally these are excellent; Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals). These are typically in my regular rotation when I can find time to listen. My wife loves MOS. 
  • Does podcasting hurt preaching? Read this article and decide for yourself. I know, you may be thinking, “Wow, Bill, you just recommended some podcasts and now you are asking us to read this article.” Well, yes. Indeed. I have often argued that podcasting, the consequences of such that typically produces men who we prefer to listen to, is detrimental to the average member of the church. Read on. 
  • I am late to the game.  R.C. Sproul impacted me in a way that words simply cannot express or measure. Perhaps that is another article for another time.


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