Here are the items and resources of interest for January 16, 2018:


  • A Catechism on the Heart — This is excellent.  Written by Sinclair Ferguson. 
  • The subject of church discipline is one that I have found, in my short experience as a pastor, is woefully misunderstood. Mark Dever writes on the subject.  Do you agree with him or disagree?  Perhaps a discussion on the merits of this article is in order. 
  • I struggle with sleep.  As a pastor circumstances and issues related to my charge sometimes keep me awake. Sometimes it is due to my health issues. Whatever the reason, it is a fact that sleep is very needful. Brian Croft writes on this subject.
  •  Four Reasons God is Not Answering Your Prayers — There are some weaknesses to this article, but overall it is good. Written by David Qaoud.




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