Here are the items and resources of interest for February 6, 2020:

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  • Laura Baxter writes about giving thanks when your family is struggling. 
  • Called by God to Worship — An article by Scott Aniol.
  • What is congregational singing, and why is it important? As a pastor, I often remind the congregation to sing loudly; to sing out. I know it is hard for some to do so for one reason or another. I pastor a small church, and when the people do not sing out, it is noticed. In this video Mark Dever—pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, president of 9Marks, and TGC Council member—on what congregational singing is and why it is important.


  • It was a nutty day for Windows 10 users as there were many reports of outages with the Windows Search feature. Many of you may not use the quick launch system of “start button > type something,” but I do, and I noticed that something was wrong around 7 AM ET. Engadget reports on the issue here
  • Maybe you are a big Spotify user, and if so, you can also use it for podcasts.[ENGADGET]
  • Which browser is best? [PC MAG]



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