Here are the items and resources of interest for February 12, 2018:


  • Sex before marriage is still a sin and In our day, this issue is one that needs to be revisited.  
  • A question I often receive from members of the church is “what Bible translation do you use?”  This article from Dr. Benjamin Shaw is helpful.
  • This series of articles on expository preaching is something I am looking forward to reading. Here is part one written by Ed Stetzer.  AS the new editions are released, I will be adding them to the Roundup.  Additionally, I am working on my own article on preaching titled: Why the church needs experimental preaching. From the article:

I preach through books of the Bible not because that method is mandated or modeled in the Bible, but instead because of what the Bible is. Because the Bible is the Word of God without error and inspired throughout, it requires us to treat the words, phrases, and sentences accordingly. Thus, the Bible is best taught using an approach to preaching that explains what God has inspired, looking at the words and phrases in the process.





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