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UPDATE: I have not been very faithful in getting these resources out to my readers. As a pastor, I have much on my plate. However, I am endeavoring to do better in the future. I do not know the benefit that these resources are bringing to my readers.  I would appreciate a few comments (and/or suggestions) if they are helpful to you.

Here are the items and resources of interest for December 4, 2017:


  • Upcoming Puritan MovieDr. Joel Beeke of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary has announced an upcoming released of Reformation Heritage Books. 
  • Tim Challies has released a video (with a transcript) on “Seven Marks of a False Teacher.”  In this day and age the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is plagued with many who are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing. We must be discerning and we must be on constant guard against those who would lead us astray. 
  • The issue of intinction is no plaguing many churches. The Presbyterian Church in America, the denomination in which I am an ordained minister, is not without this problem.  It is biblically wrong.  It is a violation of the vows ministers take when they commit to the Westminster Standards. Joe Thorn writes on this very subject
  • As a pastor, I wrestle with this question often. One one hand I value my wife’s input as well as being able to simply “get things off my chest.”  On the other hand, there are things I cannot tell her. This article is helpful. Written by Dave Harvey. 





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