Here are the items and resources of interest for April 6, 2017:


  • Sermon / Speaker Database — this is not a live resource (yet!), but in the next few weeks,  I am going to be compiling a database of my preferred preachers and sermons — sermons that have been used of the Lord to help me. Stay tuned.
  • Old Errors. New Generation — This article, and the issue that promoted it, caused quite a stir on social media. Read it. Listen (if you can stand it!) and think through what is going on in the PCA and OPC.  A good podcast response is offered by Christ Church Presbyterian PCA in Charleston SC here. Another written response is provided by Dr. Rick Phillips of Second Presbyterian Church, PCA in Greenville SC. 
  • ESV Readers Bible, 6 vol. — Amazon has it at a great price, and if you are a Prime customer, you get it shipped for free. I have it, and it is very well done. 
  • Of Ministers and Marriage — my friend Nick Batizg raises some interesting points in this brief article. 
  • How to Stay in Ministery Over the Long Haul — wise words for ministers from a minister. [transcript and video].


  • iOS 10.3 has been released — I am not an Apple user. In fact, I am not even a fan. Many of you already know that. However, there are some new items contained within this new update that you may want to try.  This article will help you. 
  • You just broke your phone, or worse, it was stolen! — If you have a second phone at your disposal this article will help. 
  • Our homes are getting smarter every day — Google Home and Amazon Echo are the big boys on the block, and this article argues for some dominance by that monster they call Google. 
  • Task Managers — I am a task oriented junkie. I never feel quite right unless my calendar is up-to-date, my email inbox is cleared, and my task list is structured correctly. I have tried numerous task managers and have landed on Todoist. In my opinion, it is the best organizer out there. I use it daily to capture my prayer list. There are free and premium plans. 
  • YouTube meets LIVE TV — If you happen to live in one of the five cities that it is currently being offered, give it a try. 


  • Baseball season has begun! — One of my traditions is to subscribe to MLB.TV.  It is an excellent way to stream every game fo your choice through any device. I use a Roku 3, but it will work on laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone. 
  • Chess nutters! — You can play chess online for free in many different places. However, I think is the best place to play live and correspondence games. If you play the game and are a member of, look me up.  My username is “mdivman.”


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