Here are the items and resources of interest for April 28, 2017:


  • Bible Reading that Satan Leaves Alone
  • Pastoral Theology: The Pastor and the Session of the Church

    In light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and with a desire to continue seeing true, biblical reformation and spiritual awakening in our own day, these short exhortations focus on Pastoral Theology. The link between Pastoral Theology and the Reformation is vital. Without godly ministers who know how to have an eminent level of personal piety, without ministers who are skilled in the bible, without ministers who are trained and educated, without ministers who know the importance of pastoral visitation, and without ministers who know how to prepare and deliver expository sermons, we will never see a spiritual awakening. There is a great scarcity of true biblical ministers today. Do you know what a biblical pastor looks like? Do you believe you are a Pastor? Do you believe you have been called to the ministry? How do you know? Do you think, as ministers measure up, that you are “one in a thousand?” Job 33:23-24 tells us that those who are sent of God to show a man his uprightness are 1 in 1000…literally. So this series of exhortations delves into all the various aspects of Pastoral Theology and Expository Preaching in a variety of short exhortations so both Christians and their pastors alike may be reminded of what a true biblical minister is for the glory of Jesus Christ.

  • If the Bible Is So Clear, Why Are There So Many Different Interpretations?Kevin DeYoung
  • $5 Friday at Ligonier — Every Friday Ligonier Ministries offers some great deals.  This week’s list is only a click away.
  • Eight Ways to Think About Your Past — this is an interesting article by Rick Thomas [article and podcast]
  • Kindle Deals for Christians — if you like reading on the screen, this list is for you.


  • Unlimited Data Plans — They are great to have.  Compare them at the link. 
  • Google Chrome and saving money — I have used this tech tip many times and have saved money and so can you. 
  • Wi-Fi and charging — I have often wondered if this were possible and it appears Apple says it is, so they patented the idea.
  • Most of my readers will know that I am a One Note fanatic.  This article on creating templates is helpful. By the way, One Note is free for everyone.  One day I will write an article describing how I use One Note for sermon preparation. 

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