Here are the items and resources for April 26, 2017:


  • Eight Sins You Commit Whenever You Look at Porn — “We know that pornography is an ugly and harmful sin. We know that those who indulge in porn have committed the sin of lust, but there is so much more to it than that. When you open your browser and begin to look at those images and videos, you are sinning in ways that go far beyond lust. Here are 8 sins you commit when you look at porn.” The article was written by Tim Challies.
  • Scripture Memory — Sadly, many Christians do not memorize the Word of God.  That leaves you defenseless against the onslaught of Satan.  Scripture Memory is not difficult, but it does take effort. This article offers some useful tips. 
  • The Regulative Principle of “Liturgical Sameness?” — I offer this article as food for thought not because I necessarily agree with the arguments made.  With that said, here is another perspective authored by Terry Johnson.
  • Radical Hospitality — This Christianity Today article is designed to provoke radical action in the area of hospitality.  
  • Something for the ladies — To Be Discreet.  Written by a wife of an OPC minister.



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