Here are the items and resources for April 21, 2017:


  • Ministry can be a roller coaster ride.  This article talks about it. Authored by Nick Batzig.
  • John Knox and the Lord’s Supper: Some Practical Points — 

    Up to thispoint it has been shown that, for John Knox, the Lord’s Supper is ordained of God; Christ is truly, but spiritually present; and it is a great blessing, but a blessing that is reserved for God’s own people. Knox’s hatred (and that is not putting it too strongly) of the Mass has also been considered. However, an examination of Knox’s teaching on the Lord’s Supper would be incomplete without considering briefly some practical aspects. Knox’s convictions regarding the regulative principle of worship, and his position that “The Table of the Lord is then most rightly ministered, when it approaches most nighto Christ’s own action…” carried with it a number of practical implications. (Knox, “First Book of Discipline” in Works, 2:187)

  • Paul and James and the Subject of Justification
  • Report of the PCA Committee on Women Serving in the Church — it has been released and, thankfully, early enough to read and consider before going to General Assembly in June. 


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