Here are the items and resources for April 18, 2017:


  • Wallace NT Syntax Video Lectures on sale — get 55% off these helpful videos on NT Greek.
  • The Wisdom of Sex — Useful article. 
  • On Family Worship and Failure — “In “Love Minus Zero/No Limit,” Bob Dylan says that the subject of the song “knows there’s no success like failure/and that failure’s no success at all.” I’d like to apply the first part–that there’s no success like failure–to the practice of family worship, which I have now been trying to lead regularly for about nine years or so. Though I refuse, stubbornly, to quote G.K. Chesterton on this point, in respect at least to this practice it is a truism that it is worth doing even if done badly.”
  • Speaking on the subject of Family Worship, Dr. Joel Beeke weighs in on why it has fallen on hard times in this helpful article. 


  • Lifehacker says this is the best email client for Mac OS.  Do you agree?
  • Instagram adds “collections” — the widely used photo snapping giant has added a new feature called “collections.” “If you save a lot of posts using Instagram’s bookmarking feature you’ve probably lamented the fact that those bookmarked posts just pile up into an unorganized list. Today, Instagram announced that it’s rolling out a means to actually organize those posts.” 
  • The science behind SSD’s — How do Solid State Drives work and?  Read this article to learn more.
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