Here are the items and resources for April 17, 2017:


  • How to Listen to a Sermon — This is a five-part audio series by Glen Cary from Providence Presbyterian Church.  My thanks to Jeff Downs for this suggestion.
  • Preaching in a Secular Age — by Dr. Albert Mohler. ““For preachers, Berger’s observations are tremendously important. We, above all others, need to realize the culture no longer shares our worldview and the very language we use may mean something entirely different in the ears of our listeners. The meaning of words like morality, personhood, marriage, or virtually any other moral term has radically shifted.”
  • Expiation and Propitiation — These terms are often confused.  What do they mean? Dr. R.C. Spoul helps sort this out. 
  • 20 lessons from a ministry burnout — a helpful article published on David Murray’s website
  • Taking the Lord’s Supper in a Worthy Manner — “Let us remember that this sacred feast is medicine to the sick, comfort to the sinner and bounty to the poor. To the healthy, the righteous, and the rich (if any could be found) the Lord’s Supper would be of no value. For Christ is given us for food in the Supper, and we perceive that without him we fail and waste away, just as hunger destroys the vigor of the body. As he is given to us for life, so we perceive that without him we are certainly dead.”
  • This is going on in the Presbyterian Church in Amerca.  It is not Presbyterian.  It is divisive. — There has, in the past five years, been a decidedly gracious movement in our denomination, and you have much to do with this. Crucial votes and Issues that matter most to us, along with Committees that are populated with like-minded people and a movement toward less stridency and a more diverse and outwardly focused and gracious denomination are organically bound to our willingness to fight and vote until the fabric of the PCA better reflects what we hope…. Once again at GA, we will organize a ‘real time on-the-floor,’ vote-by-vote running Facebook Messenger conversation – more to come on this.


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